Friday, March 16, 2018

Marijuana ask? force

So the first meeting of the hand picked prohabitionsit met last night. You can veiw it on Gov TV;

If you do watch, you will notice a definite fog among the panel. City lawyer was there and gave a short incomplete explanation of what Framingham might want to do to stop or restrict recreational sales, testing labs, grow operations and manufacturing of edibles.  Then left.. leaving the panel with so many questions, most of which could have been answered if they had only read the State approved regulations.

It's like watching "reefer Madness" live and in person. Some of the questions and comments made by Wong, Epstein and  Rossi were just over the top. Keep in mind, on Feb 20th council meeting, I gave ( at my expense a 100 page document) to all 11 members the draft regs from the State for their edification.

During that Feb 20 council meeting, the council voted to include an advocate to the Task force, which by all accounts should be me. Even Stoll is heard saying "Pillsbury should be the advocate". But there is no advocate on the Task Force, just had line party loyalists who will find any way possible, including using ignorance, lies, mis-leading information and regurgitated propaganda.

As I've said many times, a question regarding marijuana has been on the ballot, six times since 2000 and in each election, the question was passed by the majority of voters. No form of government shall ignore the will of the voters.

The war continues.