Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Beacon Hill tries to delay Q4

Earlier today it was reported that Beacon Hill, specifically Senator Lewis pushed through a bill that would delay implementation of Q4 by 6 months. It makes no sense to do this, especially since there were just a hand full of Reps and Senators on the Hill. Senator Lewis clearly is a sore looser and will try anything he can to slow down the implementation of Q4.

And by the afternoon, this happened.

Senator Lewis rushed the bill to the Governors office and they now say, Governor Baker will review it. If he wants to continue to be the most popular Governor if decades, he should veto the bill. If he wants to stand up for the will of the voter, he will veto it.

Please send a note to Governor Baker asking him to veto Lewis's Bill and stand up for the will of the voters.

here's another address to send to:

And it won't hurt to ask your reps if they voted for it as well. To my delight Chris Walsh and Karen Spilka did not vote for it.

The MWDN did an excellent editorial regarding this.


Friday, December 16, 2016

When will our Police force be fixed?

While not a supporter of the tactics used by law enforcement to fill our jails with no violent drug offenders, I do support the purging of police officers who take advantage of the tax payers. Look at the amount of salary Slattery has received while on paid absence, 58k and change. Last year he made over 150K. So many problems plague our police force, from killing an innocent man to indictments and unethical behavior. I do wonder when the AG's office will report on the evidence room investigation.

It's my hope Chief Ferguson will return soon and get the force back to tip top shape.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Growing cannabis

As of today, it will be legal to grow cannabis, 6 plants per person, up to 12 plants per household. For those who have never grown anything you might consider asking basic questions before you get started. It's not that complicated as some make it sound, after all, it's a weed. If any of our readers wish you can contact me and I will answer many of your questions on how to get started free of charge. E mail me at

Friday, December 9, 2016

Calling all Vietnam Veterans who served from 1955 to 1975

On New Years Eve, Dec 31st from 5 to 7 PM at the Vietnam Memorial Statue, MWRTA headquarters at 15 Blandin Ave in Framingham. This is a national initiative and its purpose is to recognize and thank and honor United States military veterans who served during the Vietnam War. Regardless of location, any US Veteran who served from Nov 1 1955 to May 15th of 1975 are eligible to receive one lapel pin. Members of the Vietnam Memorial Monument along with State and local officials from the 15 communities covered by the MWRTA will be in attendance. There will be light refreshments. Bring your DD14. For more information please contact Ed Carr at 508.935.2222

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Nam Vets who ate fish there are dying of liver cancer

A friend of mine sent me a clip of this story. You've know about Agent Orange, you've heard of the plight of blue water veterans  and if that wasn't enough, 30 years or more later the VA is admitting the cause and effect of eating fish from the rivers in Vietnam. I understand those who were there would run out of rations and be forced to rely on the local food sources. Unfortunately, those who cooked fish in their helmets didn't cook it through and somehow a parasite lives and dose not die inside a human. It's worth noting that the VA has agreed to extend benefits to those who and now diagnosed with cancer from eating "fish on a stick" It's worth a blood test for those who were there and ate the fish.