Friday, May 26, 2017

Convicted state workers... can get their retirement

The Hearld lets us know about the proposed changes in the State's retirement policy regarding convicted state workers. It appears that our own Chris Walsh has sided with the more liberal leaning policy change to allow people like Tom Finneran to get his pension from the state, even though he was found guilty of crimes against the people he represented. 
There are a few good changes, but to reward bad behavior in state workers, in my opinion sends a message of tolerance.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

More bad press from FPD

While watching Fox 25 News last night, another report about a Town employee, who is a "special police officer", who's title is Assistant to the Chief. He carries a badge and gun, but has never done the required hours of training. On top of that, his former employer, fired him for bad behavior while a part time cop.

Why do we continue to read about FPD in such poor light? One thing is certain, our police chief has his hands full of problems and this new round of questionable decision making is something the Mayor and City Council must address come Jan 1.

Please watch this report.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Know your rights when stopped by the cops

I can't write how many times I've read about motorists being stopped for traffic violations and end up arrested for allowing cops to search your car. It's all about trickery in most cases. And with the drug war that has allowed cops to take your car and money in civil forfeiture, one needs to politely and clearly decline answering any questions. Give the cops your license and registration and don't look for trouble, as cops will have the courts on their side most of the time. 
The editorial in USA Today by Tim Lynch says it best, obey officers commands,but decline requests.

Stefanini's LibraryGate

Have a looksee at the video. There's little doubt that John is making sure no one is watching as he removes Spicer's material. Some would say it's a childish act, other's would disagree. For me, it shows a blatant political act against someone who is splitting the party loyalists in her attempt at the Mayor's office.  John must be so pissed that some of his potential supporters are helping Ms. Spicer and not him.

John's actions have been summed up by Town Manager Bob Halpin as a "great misunderstanding". The voters who see the video will disagree in my opinion, as he could be another politician who think they are above any laws, like his former boss, Tom Finneran.

This matter will not be forgotten by the voters.

Friday, May 19, 2017

A Reminder.. League of Women Voters... Framingham

This Sunday May 21st at 2Pm to 3:30, McAuliffe Library, interested people can drop by and learn of the plans to have a chapter here in Framingham.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

What was Stefanini thinking?

I am very surprised to read in the paper about John's actions at the Library. Caught on film destroying Mayoral candidate material left on a table in the lobby. Norma Shulman should have know not to leave that stuff there... BUT.. it's a crime to mess with a ballot and he knows that. 
The other side of this unfortunate move on John's part is that the Democratic Town Wide Committee is now firmly split by John running and the group who is helping get Spicer on the ballot. Long time loyalties are being tested. For the most part, every since Pam Richardson was forced out, the DTC has picked one candidate to back.
Without any more ballot violations, this could spell Spicer's victory over John in November. As many old timers know, John's connection to disgraced House Speaker Tom Finneran, will haunt him forever.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The League of Women Voters..Framingham

Since 2002 or so, voter participation has dropped in local elections. Blame it on voter apathy or a lack of publicity or not enough candidates or your own opinion. But what ever the excuse, we need to change that. We have decided to start a League of Women Voters chapter here in Framingham. Our first meeting will be at the  McAuliffe Library on May 21st, from 2 to 3:30 PM. All are welcome.
As of now, there are a bunch of candidates for Mayor, which if they get enough signatures, will force a primary in September. Then the general election in November.
The Framigham Chapter will sponsor debates in a non partisan way in places that can facilitate broader voter participation. We will organize on the 21st.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Off to the races.. I'm running for City Council District 4

What qualities would you like to see in your first City Councilor from District 4?
How about: Smart, informed, fearless and respectful; willing to ask uncomfortable questions, especially when it comes to town spending and the performance of town departments; a skeptical and independent voice in deliberations. 
Sound good?  These are the qualities the MWDN listed as reasons that Jim Pillsbury, a longtime community activist, would make a good addition to the Board of Selectmen.  Jim has been a town meeting member for 6 years, and chair of Precinct 6 for 4 years.  Jim has served on the Rules, Ways and Means, Public Safety, and Education committees for town meeting and is well versed in the process of budget review and has lived in both south and north sides of Framingham since 1985.      
Jim served on the Board of Directors for Access Framingham, where he did a popular local access show, Jim Pillsbury Live, for 8 years; and a gardening show called Wicked Green; is a member of Amazing Things; and a founding member of the Framingham Chapter of the League of Women Voters.  Jim has supported the Salvation Army and United Way’s programs to feed the hungry, and has been a tireless supporter of the Walk to Break the Silence which supports Voices Against Violence here in Framingham for the last 4 years.
A Framingham resident for the last 20 years, Jim owns two homes in Precinct 6 and knows first-hand the impact financial decisions made by the town have on property taxes and the wallets of the residents.  With 5 grandchildren, he values the importance of public education.  As a soon to be retired senior citizen, he understands the importance of balancing quality of life with costs for services. Jim has a record of supporting school budgets, veterans programs, and environmental concerns while a town meeting member, and strongly advocated for allowing medicinal marijuana dispensaries here in Framingham.  He has also raised concerns over excessive sick time and overtime in some town departments.
In addition to his work at the town level, Jim has worked with Representative Chris Walsh in authoring the MA Hemp Farm Bill, which is currently working its way through the legislative process.
Jim has been a Senior Field Service Engineer working in the medical device field and research and development fields for his entire career.  His ability to recognize the cause of a problem and then quickly identify and implement the solution are skills that made him the “go to” engineer for issues in the field.  He will bring those same problem solving skills to the table as your City Councilor from District 4.
Although not a supporter of the Charter that made Framingham a city, Jim IS a supporter of making Framingham the best place to live in the state, and looks forward to helping to establish our city and working hard for the residents to make sure their voices are heard and respected in this process.
As Framingham transitions from the state’s largest town to the Commonwealth’s best city, we need the input of knowledgeable residents who see Framingham as a community for all, and a home for families, young professionals, and retired citizens.  Jim looks forward to continuing his work for Framingham and respectfully asks for your vote to be the first City Councilor from District 4.
Jim would like to hear your concerns and ideas and can be reached at