Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Local cops and the Bank Bonus programs.

If you were shocked over the salaries of some of our local cops last week, you weren't alone. The same for the 9 banks who got bail out billions and have paid 5,000 employee's 1 million each in bonuses. Citi Group along gave out 5.33 billion in bonuses in 2008.

The institution are justifying the bonuses by saying no one can do that sort of work at that level and without them, they couldn't be as profitable. They also are afraid of the competition hiring their top performers.

The analogy here is found in Framingham, where cops who work details make over 150,000 a year. The locals claim that they have no reason to apologize for these salaries, and make the point, that if the general public work many hours they are considered working hard. They also claim that now that the Quinn Bill is not fully funded and cops are not compensated for getting more education, good cops will leave for other parts of the country where they will make more money. The unbridled arrogant of law enforcement and it's entitlement attitude has never been so blatant and I submit, will be part of our bankruptcy someday.

Law enforcement, like the big banks continue to enjoy the benefits of political power, threats and intimidation in justifying their pay, while most non union rank and file workers in most all industries can work till they drop and never see that type of money, no matter how long and hard they work.

Cash for Clunkers... the new name political donations

OK... car sales are up... if you had invested 10k with Ford just a few months ago, you would have made 80K. While 1 billion was spent in less than a week, congress approves another 2 billion in funding. The problem... that money is supposed to go to renewable energy research, (In the interest of full dis closer) which is my paycheck. I love the idea but Obama is doing something no President has done before, take budgeted money from an account already promised. Lets see how the Senate handles this in the coming days.

On a lighter note, couldn't we use the same formula to get rid of the clunky, inefficient, money wasting politicians who pollute the air with noxious fumes?

BPA in the news... Mass sends out a warning

Parents, GParents, nursing mothers, little children, pregnant women... and just about anyone who cares about their health and their relatives should heed this warning. That wonderful chemical brought to you by greed and profit is and has been proven to be bad for humans, but especially little kids. I won't bore you on the peer reviewed facts, but it's really common sense. Any plastic bottle with the number 7 or the letters PC next to the recycle sign should be recycled. And no heating of baby food in anything with the number 7 on it. Baby bottles, and clear plastic containers, formula, etc ,etc, etc... look at the packaging to determine if it is labeled with 7 or PC..... it's worth your time to keep this crap out of your bodies.

Why Mass has not completely banned this stuff like Conn did is connected to the heavy lobbyists pressure from the chemical society. I wonder how many of those creeps keep those bottles from their families.