Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A little Justice?

Four former managers for Aggregate Industries, the company that supplied 135,000 trucks loads of concrete to the Big Dig have been convicted of conspiring to defraud the government by delivering substandard concrete. The justice, they had to pay 42 million to settle the criminal charges and 8 million in criminal fines. 27 million will go to Big Dig maintenance.

Although this same company has received 4.2 million of stimulus money top repave Rte 2

GE is paying 50 million dollars in civil penalties for cooking their books and making the company look good for investors.

4 people, including a former police chief are being indicted for lying about taking courses to become certified as EMT's. 5 Hamilton police officers and 4 Danvers police officers face server disciplinary action including paying back 5,000, accept an unpaid suspension of 30 8 hour shifts and agree to work without pay for 30 eight hour shifts.

Our friends who are suing the Mass Pike over tolls released some interesting figures. Only 46% of the 632,000 that use local portions of Rte 93, 90 and the Callahan Tunnel pay tolls. If the plaintiffs (us) win this part of the law suite, the State would either raise taxes, impose tolls on Rte 93 or require the Mass Pike to sell some real estate. The lawsiute contends that 58& of pike tolls go to the Big Dig debt.

Lastly, the drug giant Wyeth in newly discovered court documents has admitted that they paid ghost writers to write supportive on line articles backing hormone therapies, draft them and get doctors to add their names to the piece. Wyeth faces 8,400 lawsuit's from women who claim the companies hormone drugs have caused them to develop illnesses.