Friday, August 7, 2009

Winners and loosers

Concerts on the Green, August

August 7- Tom Nutile (big band)
August 14-Infractions- you will love this popular cover band
August 21 Wayne Potash- family fun, bring all the kids.
August 28- Lincoln County Band (country & western at its best)

MBTA Chief Grabauskas has resigned under pressure, but his going away package is 327,000. Who among us can leave a job with that kind of bonus?

The Town of Ayer will pay 3.1 million in wrongful conviction. In his lawsuit in 2006 Dennis Maher who spent 19 years in prison, accuses cops of improper eye witness identification, fudging chronologies and failing to check out his alibi. The lead detective from Lowell, who is now the top cop in Boston, Commish Davis says he regrets the wrong man went to prison, but felt he did his job as a detective.

In the DiMasi federal case, the judge has been asked to disqualify his attorney Tom Kiley.

Cash for clunkers gets funded... buy now if you can.