Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ted Kennedy and his Senate seat

Ted is looking for the Commonwealth of Mass to change a law, allowing Deval to pick an interim Senator if Ted were to pass on or not be able to work. The law was changed by a few years ago, preventing then Mitt Romney to pick as successor to John Kerry if he had been elected president. The rub here is that the person appointed to Ted's seat would NOT run for his seat.

This all boils down to the Health Care Reform that Ted has pushed for years and could go down to one or two votes in the Senate in the coming weeks or months. The one party ruling elite will do their best to keep their choke hold on our State.

Let's see how Deval, DeLeo, Murray handles this.

Woodstock at 40

As tears rolled down my face when Country Joe McDonald read the names of the servicemen killed in Vietnam, both Desert Storms, Iraq and Afghanistan from the Bethel area, I knew Woodstock 69 was more than a music festival, it was an anti war protest. It was one very somber moment as the crowd fell silent. After all, 40 years ago, we were in the midst of assassinations, riots, the draft, civil rights and trying to stop a war.

Bethel Woods is a place of peace and I recommend anyone who lived through those days go there. The fields of green grass go on and on. The place is brand new and it immaculate. Even the cops were friendly. It was not like any outdoor concert I've ever gone to. Pre senior and senior citizens along with a splattering of young people came to see who is left from the original 69 Woodstock. It did remind me of those who we have lost since then. The replacement singers, guitar players, bass players did a marvelous job recreating the sounds, but I wondered what Hendrix, Joplin, etc would sound like today.

It was a long show, started at 5PM and went to 1:30AM. The 17,000 stayed for most of the show, with the lawn people leaving earlier. We were 13 rows back from the stage and could reach out and touch the performers. The sound is perfect and the seats are padded as we waited for one of my drumming idols, Levon Helms from the Band. Battling throat cancer, his new band, made up of a brass section, multi guitars, keyboardist and his daughter as a singer, gave me the shivers. He didn't sing and looked thin, but can still bang with clarity and precession.

I feel fortunate to have lived to this point and hope I can live to see Woodstock at 50. But I do hope, perhaps my grandchildren will have their own Woodstock someday and come together as one group of like minded individuals who want change for the better.