Friday, October 2, 2009

Say no to Immigration Enforcement here in Framingham

In a stunning revelation here in Framingham, home to as many as 15 k human beings that are here illegally, our own Chief Carl has said, It doesn't benefit the Police Department to engage in deportation and immigration enforcement", we're done. I told them to come pick up their computers".

The reasoning behind the chiefs decision is that it costs the Town to much money to dedicate two officers to the program called 287g and that it creates more victims of unreported crimes.

While I'm not a fan of the drug laws, police coruption, police details, the Quinn Bill, etc, etc, I am in favor of public safety and those who honestly want to make our environment a better place to live. Chief Carl has a tuff row to hoe and while not aalways agreeing with him, nor would he even care, I do think the man is a good leader and takes his job very seriousley, I even admire him for his work.

That being said.... I can't imagine why he's chosen to opt out of a program that would help US live in more peaceful surroundings. When I look at many of the police logs and headline news, it is a fact that many of the minor and major crimes committed by human beings here in Framingham that are here illegally. AND... if you notice, many have extensive criminal backgrounds.. AND .. when busted for the 2nd, 3rd and 10th time... they continue, even after court proceedings, get out on bail, never show up for court and continue on their merry ways of criminal behavior. AND.. I'm not talking about getting caught with a joint... so many have criminal histories, mental health problems and some have left their countries to avoid prosecution.

Does anyone else have trouble with his deception? Did he run this by the BOS? Is it really the costs? And if so... how much money do they spend on investigating, arresting and prosecuting a drug dealer or bank robber?