Friday, October 16, 2009

Some justice and campaign donations,

For those who have followed this blog from last year, former Middlesex County Registrar of Probate, pleaded guilty of stealing more than 100,000 dollars from his campaign fund and his work place machines. He could get 302 years for his crimes, but will likely do 10. At 40 k a year to keep someone in prison, we will spend another half a million making sure he's feed and has a roof over his head.

Sal Dimasi has new charges leveld against him... exstortion. Look for him to be convicted of thsi also along with the other charges already leveled.

The ineffective, polarized and politically motivated Mass Pike Board will cease as on Nov. Let history be the judge, Alosi is quoted as saying. It can only help those of us who live west of the city, I say.

Ken Lewis, Bank of America CEO, has been ordered to make available documents relating to the Merril Lynch deal from the NY AG. He (Lewis) has said he will resign as CEO in the coming months, he has also agreed to pay back a million or so in pay and will not take any pay for this year. The rub hear is that he and some high powered administration people made the deal happen with Merrill, which, will implicate Bernacki and others. Look for Lewis to be charged with fraud in the coming months and It's my guess he will be convicted and do some jail time.

We may be in the midst of the worst financial times since the early 70's, but some of the well off eleite and politically connected are contributing heavily to the campaign coffers of the Senate hopeful's. Coakley leads the D's with 2.1 million, Alan Khazei 1.12 million, Capuano with 343,000 and Pagliuce with 203,000. On the R side, Brown has raised 169,000. The majority of the money is coming from Mass..... someone's got enough money to throw away on political races.

600 million shortfall now

More bad news on the home front. Mass is heading towards some seriuos lay offs (maybe 2000) and furloughs, if unions don't take some concessions. The Health Insurance fund for the un employed may be 50 million in the whole by April.

The 212 million dollar shortfall in revenue, unemployment at a record high of 9.3% is making the administration talk about more local aid cuts. All this and the legislature hasn't agreed to give Deval emergency powers to cut across all of the state budget. And nothing infuriates me more than the entitlement attitude of the Legislature. They've taken no hit what so ever in salary, benies or perks.

They are finally looking at consolidation of the quasi public/State agencies that are duplicating services. But notice, no wage freeze, no hiring freeze... nothing that would let us know they are serious about keeping us from further declines.

While I have railed on the lack of stimulus money going to shovel ready projects, that alone will not get us over the hump, but WHY Deval has not pulled out all the stops on this money is criminal and may be his undoing next year.

Hang on to your employment, take whatever job you can find, stay as healthy as you can and wait for the recession to be over.