Sunday, October 25, 2009

Casino's.. the next step

As most of you have heard, Milford has been targeted by big money players and casino magnets to become home of a casino. The idea of having it in Milford seems foolish, the idea is now being seriously considered next week on the Hill. Karen Spilka, co chair of the Joint Economic Development committee will hear from the voices next Thursday. The economic realities are such that licensed gambling should have already been approved and as far as I know, the Wompanoag's who say they will scale back on their casino, are still going forward in Middleboro.

Lets see how long it will take for those dead beat legislators to make something happen.

some sobering numbers... in bank reform

Not to depress any of our readers, and I do wish I could write about other things, but we are all in this together, no matter how rich or poor, the banking industry who has been bailed out with our tax dollars, is doing all it can, with it's vast wealth, to halt any credible attempt by congress and the President, to reform how the banks deal with us at the bottom.

I've written about this before and don't want to bore anyone, but you should know what is being reported:
Goldman Sachs has set aside 16.7 BILLION for compensation, this after the company has received 10 billion in Federal funds as well as 12.9 BILLION from the bailout of AIG.

224 million has been spent in the first half of this year to lobby congress. This will meet or best last years 460 million spent by real estate, insurance and financial institutes.

27 of the 71 members of the House Financial Services Committee have received more than a quarter of the total campaign contributions from the banking industry.

Political Action committees and employees from the financial institutes have contributed another 53 million to members of congress.

In related news Mike Capuano has donated to charity, 64,500 in funds he collected form a lobbyists group who is now under federal investigation for pay-to-play. Another 47,000 from employee's of PMA has not been given back or to charity.

Only two D's running for Ted's seat have not taken pac or lobbyists monies. Pagliuca doesn't need to (his net worth is around 400 million) and Khazie, City Year founder.

Can any decision made by those who take money from those who are to be regulated, ever be good, fair and just, for the common man and women? I can't see how.

In jeopardy of closing... our friends at CLT

For those of you have lived long enough to appreciate the work Barbra Anderson and Chip Ford from Citizens for Limited Taxation, have done for us over the past decades, let me refresh the Q, CLT was responsible for prop 2 1/2, defeated the steep graduated income tax in 1976 and again in 1994. This group has never shied away from fighting for the tax payers of this State and unless they get some funding, Nov 16th will be the end of this most non partisian group of dedicted people to defend us at the State level.

We'll all be better off if CLT can survive. If you have a few bucks to throw their way, go to and make a donation.