Thursday, October 29, 2009

Meals Tax and Town Meeting

I was surprised to see the process of deciding whether Framingham will adopt the meals tax. Mr. Noonan does what he can to real in the obscure but it does get out of hand quickly. Maintaining the stabilization fund is all well and good, 10 million in is better than the 5 million in now, according to the rating agencies, but at what point does this continual increase in taxes effect businesses here? Clearly, most people who can afford going out to dinner, could care less about any tax increase and will pay the extra. Tonight they decide hotel room tax... I can't see them saying no to this either. How lucky they are to have so many hotels and restaurants to feed off of.

A little push.... Deval gets it now

Deval has released a list of 33 projects for road repair, 165 million worth of road repair. While sounding good for construction workers, this list of 33 still has to be vetted by the States 13 Metropolitan Planning groups. Of coarse, this couldn't have happened this year and I wonder if the planning groups can stop any of these projects? Are these the same agencies that duplicate other agencies work?

Look for a traffic nightmare on Rte 9 next spring from Southboro to Wellesley.