Friday, October 30, 2009

Local Aid not cut... in the newest of Deval's rescue plans

To close the 600 million dollar gap in the budget, Deval has left local aid alone.. for now, but I can't imagine this will hold for next year.

62 million from the Stimulus money will go to higher education. 27 million less for school building construction. The two hack holidays are on the chopping block as well as 5 million from the Quinn Bill, which I believe would still leave 15 million. Look for this to not be funded at all very soon. Also cut is prescription advantage, the program for seniors to buy drugs, was cut by 5.6 million. There are many more cuts but Deval needs legislative approval for expanded budget cutting powers. And while all this bad news is hitting all of us, the legislature has not taken much of any hit at all. 1000 more state jobs will be cut if unions don't make some concessions. If the legislature is not mandated to take at least 2 days a week furlough for the rest of this year and all of next I'd be very surprised. They have anointed themselves free from worry about their pay checks.

And here in Framingham, some municipal workers are getting raises, and the two biggest unions, cops and fire have yet to be dealt with. All the meals and hotel taxes won't fix our problems.

Some justice for DiMasi

The retirement board has officially suspended Sal's 5k a month pension benefit. Although, the state coughed up 25 k in previously withheld checks to Sal, the Feds had asked the State to hold off on any action until after the criminal case is resolved. Some time next year we will see the end of this best example of the corrupt Beacon Hill politics, just in time for the elections.

a mistake at the unemployment office

If things could get any worse for some, the State Division of Unemployment Assistance mistakenly sent checks totaling $3.4 million to 4,159 out-of-work residents who’d exhausted their benefits, thanks to a glitch in the office’s archaic computer system, the Herald has learned.

Officials have yet to notify the hardluck recipients of the gaffe. Someone's head should roll on this and just exactly how will the State recover money from the un employed?