Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The D's debate on 5..... more war after that

I hope some of you caught last night's love in on Channel 5. Nothing really seperated them from each other in answering the questions by the long winded Harding, one question from Mr. Holmes to AG Coakley about question 2 and her stance on it, was very revealing. Her typical "reefer madness" response was so out of touch with our state's voter approved ballot question of last year, one (even her blind supporters) would have to wonder what else she would stand against, based on no facts and her own foolish bias. The drug war IS coming to an end in this country and it IS coming from the top.. down. Like many of the needed reforms in this country that the president and his cabinet are faced with now, most intelligent voters understand that the drug war has not produced any positive results over the decades other than increasing our prison population.

And just a few minutes later, President Obama outlines his plan for more troops in Afghanistan. 30 billion a year, for the next three years, which is a part of the total war expenses of 90 BILLION a year we are spending now with both wars running. For me, hearing Obama use the very same worn out and questionable Bush and Cheeny excuses why we must be there and for how long just boils my blood. The money we will spend on building... not rebuilding as we are so famous for, after we destroy a country, is beyond my comprehension, with so many threats to our own survival here in the States to deal with.

The military complex and all it's suppliers will be happy over his decision, but as the body count climbs, this year and the next few, I have to wonder, how many parents, wives, children and friends of those lost in a place that even God wouldn't vacation at, with NO assets what so ever, that anyone wants, except poppi, will think it was worth the price. Damm the SOB's who first got us into this mess to begin with.