Friday, December 4, 2009

Tax collections up in Mass, Mortgage rates at all time low

We are experiencing a slight bump up in tax revenue here in Mass in November.... 33 million over the same time period last year. Before you run into the streets, keep in mind, in this current fiscal year, we are still down 369 million and may go higher in January when we stop buying for the holidays.

And if there is anyone looking to buy a house now....the rate 4.71% is the lowest since 1971. This rate reduction is the feds way of trying to keep the housing market going. Great idea...

Now if they can only help the millions who may loose their home starting Jan 1 of 2010.

More details on the 2 mill scam at the probation department.

So we learn today from the Globe, as far back as 2006, auditors knew something was amiss. While the shear amount of money stolen is beyond my comprehension, for a low level court clerk to steal in front of everyone, it is now dawning on everyone, that much of her stolen proceeds MAY have come from people who pay their fines in cash AND raises seriuos questions on how the department could function with such a large amount of money, NOT going to their budgets. Based on the 30 trips the defendant has made to the Dominican Republic, much of the money stolen has ended up there.

There is also a reasonable idea coming from the very same department, that some of the fine payers have paid extra in late fees or even prosecution.

Someone at the very top of our State government, should demand a complete audit of the entire Probation AND Department of Correction. This type of behavior may be wide spread in these departments and those who are letting this happen, should be prosecuted.