Wednesday, December 9, 2009

DiMasi.. and others cost our State dearly

The House has paid attorneys representing DiMasi around 378,000 according to the Globe. He even picked the law firm just days before he resigned. Only one Rep has called attention to this latest little secret buried away in the budget.

The 17 year veteran firefighter who was beaten badly by rouge cops who tired to cover up their pitiful actions during his arrest last year, will sue the City of Boston, the cops who beat him on civil rights violations. The firefighter was acquitted of all charges that were leveled against him, resisting arrest, etc etc. The firefighter in black of coarse

Thanks to a drug case here in Mass, the Supreme Court has ruled that defendants in drug and gun cases, should be able to cross examine the states forensic experts. Up to now, prosecutors just present evidence without the defendant being able to cross examine. A dozen or so drug and gun cases have already been overturned and I'll bet, many of the 46,000 drug cases in just 2007, will be appealed. I'm not a lawyer, but I wonder why no one has brought this up before. And in the end, it will cost us big bucks and as we already know, the forensic people have not enough time to have DNA samples tested, let alone, a few grams of coke or pot.

Who replaces who?

Now that the D's have picked their best candidate for Ted's chair, all kinds of sickening things will happen here in Mass. When she leaves for Washington, the House and Senate get to pick her replacement, by secret ballot. Secretary Galvin wins and is appointed to the AG's office, DeLeo takes his place as secretary... That means a new Speaker has to be elected, or Senate Pres Murray may not call a joint legislative session, which will leave the AG position open for the next in line David Freidman. A handful of D's are circling the wagon to run for her seat as are a few R's.

The down and dirty of Massachusetts politics will be at hand come Jan 19th when Coakley wins and leaves the State. None of which, will help anyone in the State, excluding the ruling elite, as they always come out on top. Look for this subject to dominate an otherwise boring polictical winter.