Thursday, December 10, 2009

Got medical insurance?

Well if you don't, you're in the minority in this State. More than 96% of you have it, while last year, 45,000 tax filers did not and paid a fine of 76 dollars a month for every month you didn't have insurance. This year, the fine goes to 89.00 per month for 2009.

Based on a sliding scale matched to your income is how they figure you can pay for it. Around 8,000 people have appealed their fines based on hardship. With so many losing their jobs, over 500,000 so far this year, I can't imagine how many will end up paying a fine for not having health insurance at tax time in April.

It's not to late to get insurance... but it will cost you. You can get a quick quote from Commonwealth Connector, (on the web)