Saturday, December 12, 2009

Feds target iIlegal Immigrants with criminal pasts

A sore subject that continues to make us all crazy, illegal immigrants who are known criminals who continue to hurt people. From the WSJ, In Calif, the feds in the largest crackdown ever conducted by the feds, rounded up 300 foreign nationals, of which over 200 were previously convicted in the US for rape, armed robbery and other serious crimes. Only six of the 286 individuals arrested didn't have a formal criminal conviction according the ICE chief John Morton. There are 104 fugitive-operations teams across the country. Obama wants to focus on employers rather than whole sale raids on the employees themselves... and I couldn't agree more. Targeting those who are here illegally and have violated the rules on this ground should be sent back to where they come from, never to return.

The shifty Coakley

Our AG is asking for ALL candidates to be included in the upcoming debates.... to include our friend Joe Kennedy, going so far as to suggest, she won't agree to any if Mr. Kennedy is not included. He's the only other candidate, other than Brown on the ballot.

Now... this sounds like a good thing for the working people and Coakley stops short of saying if she would not do all 8 debates if Kennedy were not included... but consider this, as the Globe points out, the AG is recognizing Joe's ability to get on the ballot, saying "if people can get the votes and get the support, they're allowed to get their message out to voters, he has done what Mass says he needs to do to be on the ballot, in that sense he put's himself out as a candidate.

But consider this,Coakley refused to debate a R opponent in the 2006 race for AG, saying "until he says something true or worth debating, I'm not going to waste my time. Now, having run in a race where the D refused to debate me and have watched other D's mostly refuse to come out of their caves to debate, I think a case could be made for strategy on Coakleys part.

With three candidates on the ballot, the anyone but Martha voters .. might pick Kennedy over Brown. Jeo Kennedy's positions makes Brown's differences look pale and those who couldn't stomach voting for either, for hundreds of good reasons, help Coakley in the end. The media has also denied or marginalized anyone who is not a D or an R in the past and has not included Joe Kennedy in the upcoming debate on Jan 11 at the Ed Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate. A consortium of the Boston Globe, NECH, WGBH, and WBUR did the invites and if they decide NOT to include Jep Kennedy, I say, they are a major part of voter disinterest and ruling elitism that dominates the working class.

In the entire piece in the Globe, almost half page, he has 20 lines of speech, the rest is all about Coakley and a smigant of Brown, but little that meant anything at all.

Mr Kennedy on Dec 7th turned in 13k in signatures... I applaud his effort and has my vote.