Monday, December 14, 2009

A Scientifically compiled Ranking of Drugs

From the Globe: The top drug adviser for the UK, Dr. David Nutt, who was fired in October for stating in a lecture, that "alcohol is more hazardous than many outlawed substances, and that the UK might be making a mistake in throwing marijuana smokers in jail". His comments are based on a scientifically ranking of drugs from experts in chemistry, health and enforcement, which was already published in a prestigious medical journal two years earlier.

The graph that they refer to.. I can't cut and paste on the blog. If you wish to see it, you may be able to get at it from,

The British study compared the harmfulness of 20 substances, rating physical harm, risk of dependency and social costs. The short of the graph is that Heroin is the top ranked hazardous drug, followed by cocaine, barbiturates, street methadone, ALCOHOL, ketamine, benzodiazepines, amphetamines, TOBACCO, buprenorphine, CANNABIS, solvents, 4-MTA, LSD, methylphenidate, anabolic steroids, GHB, ecstasy, alkyl nitrites, khat.

The list, printed as a chart with the unassuming title “Mean Harm Scores for 20 Substances,” ranked a set of common drugs, both legal and illegal, in order of their harmfulness - how addictive they were, how physically damaging, and how much they threatened society. Many drug specialists now consider it one of the most objective sources available on the actual harmfulness of different substances.

That ranking showed, with numbers, what Nutt was fired for saying out loud: Overall, alcohol is far worse than many illegal drugs. So is tobacco. Smoking pot is less harmful than drinking, and LSD is less damaging yet.

British law allows up to five years imprisonment for marijuana possession, a penalty Nutt called “infantile and embarrassing.” McLellan, the White House drug adviser, echoed him, saying jailing pot smokers “is idiocy, a really bad use of resources.”

This type of honest, scientifically based information will be shunned by the drug warriors, but anyone who has witnessed drunks in the past would know, alcohol abuse is doing more damage to society, than pot would ever do. And now... for the first time since the early days of the start of the war on marijuana, our government is taking steps to end it.

It's official, State Reps work part time

News of newly elected mayor of Lawrence, State Rep. Willie Lantigua, will not be leaving the State House to be a full time mayor, at 100,000 a year, but that will be above his already full time pay of 61k as a State Rep.

The bigger news for the working class in this State is that on TV the other day, the Mayor/State Rep Lantigua, when asked how he would do both jobs? his reply was that the State Rep's job is PART TIME at best.... Ladies and gentlemen.... we finally have validation of what everyone in this State already knows, State Reps are part time positions with full time pay. Now it will be very interesting next year, when the mantra of the ruling elite here in Framingham, who have for decades proclaimed that this Town needs full time representation at the State House, watches one of their own be a full time Mayor of a big dying city.

I wish him well in both endeavors as his road is uphill, gravel and filled with pot holes, but will make the case for part time legislators if he succeeds in being a mayor at the same time.