Monday, December 21, 2009

tax payer bottled water, Mass Pike revenue drops

For those who have heard my rants on the biggest scam to take our money, a non profit group has found that Mass has spent 527,000 dollars on bottled water. Mostly for the 5 gallon jugs. Senior organizer Deborah Lapidus for the Corporate Accountability International says that 'beyond the actual money spent, it's also a question of support for public water systems". Deval has signed an order back in 07 requiring the State to consider environmentally preferable purchasing practices. Out leadership is under water on this I think.

No big surprise here, toll revenue is down. If things continue on this way, it will be twice in 52 years that revenue has gone down along with toll road usage. This means, Mass Pike revenue is down by 8.7 million this year, a drop of 3 %. Mass Pike transactions (every time you pay a toll) is down by 2.5 million.

It doesn't take a PhD to assume that with half a million people are unemployed residents in State, less people are driving to work. But some of the decrease must be attributed to all of us who are trying not to travel the Pike, the price of gas and perhaps cut out wasteful driving.

All well and good, but with that much loss in revenue, especially now with us already 600 mill in the whole for just this year, one has to wonder, when the gas tax will come up. And I'll bet it does very soon, unless Deval does something drastic.

Remembering the homeless who have died

Framingham Street Ministries and the Salvation Army are hosting a memorial service for the homeless who have died in the past year today from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the park on Concord Street across from the Salvation Army.

There will be a donation box for coats, hats, gloves and blankets.