Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Should I run for Selectman?

As you've read, two slots on the BOS are up, Esty and Sisisky. As far as I know, Harold Wolfe is the only person collecting signatures for a run at them, as an independent.

I'm taking a poll to see how our readers feel about the performance of the board and if they are satisfied with the direction they have taken the Town.

My own thoughts are, we've spent to much money, and continue to spend to much money on high priced lawyers and lawsuits, police details, the war on drugs and endless studies. The BOS are, a group of separate egos, running the Town separately, ignoring anyone who is not a supporter, making questionable decisions and not holding the legislature accountable for many of our problems.

Thoughtful rants would be appreciated.

The MBTA, and Solar Power

From the Globe: A Superior court judge ruled this week that an attempt by the 22 labor unions at the T, to block the biggest cost saving measures in transportation reform, which take effect on Jan 1, found the plaintiffs have failed to demonstrate a reasonable likelihood of success on the merits of their complaint.

The bottom line is that the lifetime free health care for retires will end. The Unions are claiming cuts in benefits are unconstitutional and violate existing contracts. While the fight is not over, the 30 million in savings is something we can cheer about next year, if the unions don't get their way.

The 68 million dollar Commonwealth Solar fund, expected to last 3 or 4 years, ran out in October, that translated into 1,200 projects. The new fund, 4 million a year will run for the foreseeable future, according to Mass Department of Energy. Although still very expensive, getting some incentive from the State should help keep the solar industry moving and help homeowners reduce the cost of investment. The utilities are mandated to buy back whatever electricity you don't use.

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree....

For those of you who put your Christmas tree out to be picked up by the Town of Framingham: the week of Jan 11th is the week to put it out with your regular trash. Please do your best to remove all decorations, tinsel, etc and there's no need to bag the tree either.

As an alternative to trashing your tree, try setting it up outside in your yard, it makes good cover for small birds to hide in. Or, chop it up and put it in your compost pile, Or, as I do, burn it in the spring on top of the garden.