Friday, March 5, 2010

Delahunt won't run again, Edwards wish he could

In another blow to Democrats, U.S. Rep. William Delahunt made it official last night: He’s bowing out of politics and won't seek re-election. And this has nothing to do with the Bishop case?

Another career politician, who at the end of his tenure, just like so many this week, this year and the past 10 years, are forced from office or re-election, because of their unethical and criminal behavior. Discovered only by accident or tragedy with little in the way of answers to valid questions.

It was reported earlier this week, Delahunt's campaign coffers are being spent down quickly on lavish expenses for his family and friends.

Justice for the almost President, con-man John Edwards may come sooner than later according to the Inquire. They say, the cheaters poster child will be accused of shuttling campaign funds to his mistress, the mother of his newest child.

It's criminal that justice has to wait for so long to appear.

DeLeo-Deval in high stakes game

The usual political non-sense over gambling is heating up. DeLeo wants his slots and Deval doesn't. Next week DeLeo will roll out the House gambling bill with a bunch of legislators saying no, while Deval will say slots will not create jobs.

Just another reason to elect a new speaker and senate president. These elected elite have taken millions from lobbyists already and now, the lobbyists will try to buy as much support as possible, from either side.

Two casino's, three casinos and where they will go is at stake. Will the Indians get their act together in time? The trade: The Casino for Nantucket sound is what I think is happening at the federal level and I wonder what compromise will come of the DeLeo-Deval chess match.

Tolls on 93, where have you heard that before?

From the Herald:

New Hampshire is poised to set up one toll station in NH, to snag the 46,000 NH residents who travel rte 93 daily. Deval has promised not to retaliate with tolls of his own. But as we all know, tolls on Rte 93 and Rte 3 must be done if we ever think in our grandchildrens life time, to pay off the big dig dept. And won't we look like dopes if NH does it, and we don't.