Monday, May 3, 2010

Tylenol recall , Zyrtec recall & children's medicine recall

It just never stops with drug companies and the unsafe use of their products. Please check this web site out for more details.

Disasters abound... why is the question

As we watch the continued coverage of perhaps the worse environmental disaster ever in this countries history, to be felt now and for many years to come, one has to wonder how this came to be. The blame is squarely on BP and owners of the oils rigs, but as we have just learned, Congress let the oil industry dictate safety policy many years ago. The magical acoustic switch that could have prevented this is not mandated on the oil rigs in this country, as it is in a few others like Denmark. And while oil still flows from 5 thousand feet below, no one seems to be sure of anything and efforts to stop the massive oil leak seem weeks and months away. And while thousands take to the streets demanding immigration reform, the now famous oil leak.. could reach the Atlantic side of the US.... which could kill off, destroy or disable a whole way of life for millions of people who make their livings using the oceans.

The water main break in Weston has been fixed and fights over bottled water will come to an end. This mini disaster has shown how vulnerable we all are to infrastructure failure. One might ask, how did this relatively new pipe break and will it happen again? And if.. .it turns out, that residents of this state have once again been cheated by the lack of oversight, faulty materials or poor workmanship, each and every employee who had a hand in this should be terminated from the payroll and taken to trial.

Natural catastrophic events like earth quakes, drought, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcano's erupting are a part of our life, but man made disasters should be viewed as preventable. But as long as we have politicians taking money from those who want to take chances on our way of life, no one anywhere is safe and our environment will continue to be damaged.