Monday, May 10, 2010

Inside Town Meeting

As a newbie to the floor of Town Meeting I was disturbed to watch a TMM sleeping, a TMM reading magazines, a bunch of TMM's left at the break and some play on their lap tops while we are there to decide the fate of the Town's fiscal future.

The participation by the elected TMM's is shocking. 130 the first night, 117 the second night and 121 the third night. The low turnout is the best case for becoming a city form of Government.

Lastly, if you were watching the three nights, you heard no sound at the beginning of the first night, then screeching sounds when people came to the mic for the next two nights. This is not new and I have written to the Town Manager about this before and to no avail. I spoke with BOS Chairman Giombetti about this and Moderator Ed Noonan and they assured me that things would be better.. but they were not.

Tonight at the selectman's meeting they will discuss the sound issues.

Cancer Panel Sounds Alarm

From the Globe, An expert panel advising the President said last week, Americans are facing grievous harm from chemicals in the air, food and water that have largely gone unregulated and ignored. The panel also said, "to a disturbing extent, babies are born pre-polluted" adding that health officials lack the critical knowledge about chemicals effect on fetuses and children.

Keep this in mind as Framingham deals with General Chemical in the future.