Thursday, May 20, 2010

Framingham bullied into funding Quinn

The other night, in a moment of fiscal irresponsibility, TM approved funding for the Quinn Bill. Over the common sense objections of Ways and Means, Audrey Hall explained that this will be another unfunded mandate that will never go away. While the Fin Comm group weighed in with approval, Chief Carl expalined he could not get qualified canidates to aplly for the open positions on the Police Force without Quinn. Town Counsel weighed in by saying some Towns have been brought to court over not funding Quinn. CFO Kelley did point out that the State is still funding Quinn for State Police and Enivoromental Police.

In the back of the hall stood a group of local cops, peering over the crowd as their superiors stood along side the selectman's corner. I wonder how many of the bullies even live in this Town and how many others being investigated have had extra education.

The political perk given to cops way back, was just nothing short of getting votes. While I do agree any education in any job related coarse is good for both the employee and the business, in these troubled times, it makes no sense to award a perk that the state no longer funds for Towns. If they don't fund it, we shouldn't either. Reminds me of the DARE program.

I did not vote for this. Next year and perhaps even this financial year, lay offs will happen. Health care costs are skyrocketing, foreclosures are rising, unemployment will remain around 9% and next years fiscal troubles are already on the radar, 3 billion more is what they now say for 2012.

Last night a young man sat down next to me and while a presentation was going on. With no Town Meeting paperwork in front of him, he opened a notebook and brought out two devices. One a very large calculator and a texter. He clearly was doing some homework and was a distraction to me. Finally I asked if he were a TM member and he showed me his badge. While doing his homework, he voted on the artcales presented.

Attendance was 117 last night and the night before, out of 130 that showed at the start, 50 had left at 9:30, leaving barley a quorum at 84. It is disturbing to see the lackadaisical attitude by some of TMM's and even more is the amount of people who leave early and don't show up at all. The fate of our Town is being decided by less than 100 people. I'd love to hear from a Town Meeting defender supporting this form of government..