Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Framingham misses out of Green Community status

These are the requirements we couldn't get done.

To qualify for the designation, Massachusetts communities had to turn in their paperwork by May 14 and meet five criteria:

Adopt zoning that allows the construction of renewable energy projects in certain areas without special permission.

Establish an expedited permitting process for those projects.

Set a baseline for municipal energy and reduce use 20 percent within five years.

Only purchase fuel-efficient municipal cars and trucks when available and practical, with exemptions for public safety.

Change building codes to require a 20 percent increase in energy efficiency for new commercial construction and new homes larger than 3,000 square feet.

We will miss out on millions of dollars in grant money and more importantly we will not part of the solution. I hope those who have stood in the way of progress are happy now.

choose your poison in the school budget

We heard from all sides last night about the school budget and tonight we will be asked to approve swallowing a poison pill, no matter which we go. The options on the table so far, 88,895 approved by Ways and Means, 88,695 which takes 400,000 a one time influx of meals tax money, which leaves the schools to cut another 400,000, and then there's the fincom recommendation of 86,800, which will cut severley more programs.

I was shocked to hear that we spend 66,000 per for some of the sped students. Not shocked at the resolution that calls for the closing of Widrow Wilson, next to General Chemical. We were told that the chemical plum is moving away from the school and that there is no fear about contamination.

Not surprising was the amount of unfunded mandates and how that really effects our school budget. It's criminal that the legislature and the feds force us to pay for things we can't afford. No child left behind, illegal immigrants, MCAS and so on, are bankrupting our education system and shortchanging our kids.

For their part, I feel the school committee has done a good job at cutting whats needed to make budget, but at the end of this day, TMM's who are awake and paying attention, not doing homework or reading magazines, will be forced to make a decision that will effect our childrens future.

Years and years of bad politically correct partisan decisions, a major down turn in the economy and the powerful self interest of the union mentality has brought us to this point. None of us will win in this scenario no matter which way we vote.

I'm open to any or all comments on how we should vote this school budget.