Friday, October 1, 2010

Cahill's sinking ship.. is the end near?

From the Herald:

Independent gubernatorial candidate Timothy Cahill, who has seen top aides defect from his campaign, is now losing his running mate.

Paul Loscocco today will announce he is dropping off the ticket and will endorse Charles Baker, the Republican candidate, The Boston Globe has learned.

Amy Birmingham, Cahill's spokeswoman, did not immediately return calls seeking comment on Loscocco's defection.

"I ran to have a spirited debate on the issues and to advocate for new ways to create jobs, lower taxes, protect personal freedoms, and fight for the principles of Ronald Reagan who inspired me to become a Republican as a young man,'' according to a Loscocco statement released this morning.

However, last week, John Weaver, a former chief operative for McCain, quit the Cahill campaign and endorsed Baker's candidacy.

The following day, Cahill campaign manager Adam Meldrum resigned from the campaign

More trouble for this Town

From the Herald:
An on-duty Framingham police detective accused of pulling over to relieve himself in a private yard, then drawing his gun on the home’s resident, has been indicted on criminal charges, the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office announced yesterday.

Detective Scott Brown, 38, of Mendon was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and making threats stemming from an April 29 incident taking place on private property in Framingham, said spokeswoman Cara O’Brien.

Prosecutors say Brown, who was on-duty but not in uniform and driving an unmarked vehicle, got out and began to urinate. A woman who lives at the unidentified address approached and asked what he and his partner were doing, O’Brien said.

After Brown allegedly told the woman to “stop looking” and returned to his cruiser, her husband - upon hearing the commotion - drove over in his golf cart and stopped next to Brown as he was pulling away, O’Brien said.

The two exchanged words, and Brown then got out and drew his firearm, pointed it at the victim, and said, “Move it or get shot,” prosecutors said.

The wife called 911. A video surveillance camera on the property captured the incident, O’Brien said. Messages left with Framingham police were not returned. Brown could not be reached for comment.

Questions that need to be answered: why hasn't this officer been charged with indecent exposure? why has it taken since April to charge the officer? Were his weapons taken away?

Law Enforcement and the DA's office can only cover up so much and if it were not for the episode being recorded on tape, perhaps they would have sweep this under the rug. But if convicted you can bet there will be a civil suit against the officer and the Town. One bad apple does not spoil the whole bunch, but there needs to be more scrutiny by administrators of all the officers for competency.

The offer to SMOC

For those who have followed this quagmire our elected officials have gotten us into.. the short story is SMOC can continue it's lawsuit against the Town on discrimination charges, among others things. We have already spent 750,000 in legals fee's and there's no telling what the BOS have planned for the future. The fact that they even have a say in this is mind blowing. One way or the other, it seems very likely, a jury will find Framingham did indeed willfully engage in illegal activity and just as likely, this Town will suffer in reputation and monetary damages.

Herb Chasen has been working diligently to try to negotiate a deal, but at a meeting early this week with SMOC, it's painfully clear, the Town has nothing to offer. At the meeting, I asked Mr. Cuddy and Mr. Desiletes to ask the board of directors at SMOC one question: will SMOC drop the suite if all of those named in the suite who are elected officials, resign. Mr. Cuddy stated he will get back to me after the board meeting and if they say yes, I would propose asking the ALL the residents in this Town, should we continue to spend more money on leagl fees, possible fines and damage to our reputaion by continuing to defend our side, or ask those who got us in this trouble to resign, thus stopping the law suit?

I'm interested in knowing what our readers think of this idea and how you would vote.

The Master Plan and Nobscot blight

Last night at Heritage Hall, Ken Buckland, a consultant with The Cecil Group, gave an overview of possible goals for the Northside's future. But it was very clear, the Nobscot Shopping center was the hot topic. The owner of that land has refused to do anything to lesson the eye soar, even turning down a proposal by the Nobscot Neighborhood group to paint the big sign in front. The abandoned gas station is part of the blight and as we heard, there is no forcing the owner into action. I did hear from Carol Spack, we as residents can demand from the selectman enforcement of rules that govern blight. The new master plan, which the Planning Board hopes to present to annual Town Meeting next spring, will replace one adopted in 1988.

Once again, it appears the residents need to be more vocal about the center. Write a letter, e mail or call and ask what is being done to make the shopping center, vibrant and attractive. Also, please tell them you would shop there if there were more stores.

Center Corp
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Phone: (978) 741.4740
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