Friday, October 8, 2010

Sinking to new lows... The League of Woman Voters

Last month I e mailed the League of Women Voters and asked if the debate scheduled for the October 13th was going to be televised live from the Town Hall.

As far as I can remember, the League of Women Voters has always sponsored a candidates night. Now comes word they are canceling the event on the 13th. This is the type of dirty politics that has corrupted the voting public and is NOT what the League is all about. If it were not for the debate Stephany has arranged for the 25th of this month, hardly a voter in this Town would have ever been able to see the differences in the candidates.

The League should be ashamed of themselves in lite of thier mission.
"Serving the people of Framingham, Massachusetts"

"The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan organization that provides voter education and encourages active participation of citizens in government".

e mail Co-Presidents Rosemary Weich and Andrea Haynes, and tell them how disappointed you are in their very partisan decision.


It's scheduled for town hall and (with some luck) they're always televised.

Good luck.

On Thu, Sep 2, 2010 at 10:27 AM, Jim Pillsbury wrote:

Good Day,

Is the debate scheduled for October going to be televised Live from the Town Hall?


Yes, basically very few members. I'm really disappointment.
See you at Temple Beth Am on the 24th I hope.

On Fri, Oct 8, 2010 at 12:40 PM, wrote:


How unfortunate for the voters of Framingham, is there a reason?

Jim Pillsbury

On Oct 8, 2010, Rosemary Weich wrote:

Sorry to report that the candidates' night for the 13th will not only not be televised, but has been canceled.

The long bus ride

Last nights School Committee meeting regarding the busing issue was discussed and more questions seem to surface. The hour and a half bus ride for kids is just to much. About 700 students currently ineligible for transportation should be on buses by the end of the month, the superintendent told the School Committee last night.

But it was noted by transportation director Rick Gallagher that the problem is exasperated by kids being bused across Town. (my words.... because of school choice)

"I'm just worried about it," said board member Adam Blumer, who feared some parents who applied for bus passes wouldn't get them. "I'm tired of getting into another situation where we send out a mixed message."

Parents (who can afford it) are stuck between paying 270.00 or so each child or making other arrangements. I wonder what else could have been cut to keep the busing that way it was... and still have not had an answer from the school committee, on how much would be saved in costs if school choice were eliminated.

The plot thickens at the Cahill camp

Just when you thought this election season was without controversy, Cahill has sued the 4 past members of his election team. The judge has barred them from using inside information. This litigation could shape the field and if it is discovered that the competition has something to do with this, Baker could end up the loser here.

The e mails don't lie and it appears that plans were in the making, by the defendants a while back to gather dirt on Cahill. More sleazy politics is not what this Sate needs..