Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another drug company pays big ( 750 million) for fraud.

From the Globe:

Federal prosecutors in Boston yesterday said British drug giant GlaxoSmithKline PLC agreed to pay $750 million to settle civil and criminal charges that it made and sold adulterated drugs, including the antidepressant Paxil, to Medicaid and other government payers.

The settlement, one of the largest ever in a health care fraud case, burnished the reputation of the US attorney’s office in Boston as the premier federal office for investigating health care fraud. It has been responsible for recovering about $6 billion in health care fines and claims in the past decade, about 25 percent of all recoveries nationally.

I know some of you may get tired of reading these type of posts.... but give it 2 minutes to sink in. Some.. drug companies are doing more damage to society than anyone could imagine. And note the figure... the Boston office has recovered 6 BILLION dollars in health care fines in the past 10 years, which is 25% of ALL recoveries. I wonder how much lower health care costs would be if companies stop trying to game the system. This weakens my confidence in the FDA.

I stand by my opinion that there is at least 1/2 BILLION dollars in Massachusetts alone in medical fraud and medicare/medicaid fraud that should be stopped... as soon as possible.

SMOC lawsuit done, time to lick our wounds

Whether or not my proposal to SMOC last month had anything to do with the settlement is unclear at this point and I will not look for any credit or acclaim. But we now can try to pick ourselves up from this dust up and move forward.

While the original perpetrators,(Town Meeting members who wanted to see what a drunk looks like) claim some sort of victory for the Town, I believe, they couldn't be any more wrong in their claim. As someone who has sued a Town and won over violating my free speech rights, I can tell you, since that happened 17 years ago now, I can go to any public place, park, etc, in this state and will not be denied access. The very same thing holds true for SMOC and others who want to set up shop.

This case is landmark and will be cited around the state and country for ever. Anyone who stands in the way will be mowed down in court, righfully so, discrimination is just that and is against the law.

Like most of us know, any time you file a claim on your insurance, your premiums go up... the larger the claim and the more often you file claims ... your premiums go up. The insurance company may well end up dropping Framingham over this or ask for huge increases. Keep in mind, this lawsuit is just one of four that are on going. You can bet, the recent actions by a few bad apples at the police department will add to our premiums when those cases come to trial.

When the zealots tried unsuccessfully to stop the Veterans shelter, I knew then the Town had gone to far. Whether you agree with me or not, the facts are clear, SMOC would not be here if our society didn't need their help and it's those who have served this country who rightfully deserve it. One out of three homeless people in this State are veterans and by all indications, recent veterans are having more trouble adjusting to civilian life and the rate of homelessness for them is outrageous considering returning veterans from Vietnam took 5 to 10 years before they ended up homeless. Today, many recent returning veterans are homeless within a year.

In the settlement agreement, some Town leaders will be required to take a class on how to be better human beings... could be a lengthy 4 year coarse for some.

As far as money goes, SMOC is in for for at least a million or so in legal fee's, we have spent 750,000 (thank you Cris Petrini and Associates) and it's clear, more litigation would have made each party cough up a another million or so. The biggest waste of money to come down the pike since I've lived here. TM should be ashamed.

One thing is also clear, the Dover Amendment will be something we have to spend some time at the legislative level resolving it's definition before more lawsuits are brought forward.

It's time to get past this, stop the outrage, anger, slander and hatred towards the disadvantaged in this Town. We must pull together, work out our differences, talk till were blue in the face with those who can reason, deduce and play fair. Spending time and money on defenseless arguments must make way for common sense and reason.