Monday, January 3, 2011

Save our Schools.. an uphill battle

For the record, I support Herb Chasen in his effort to bring attention to the budget shortfalls and the consequences on our schools. In various meetings that I've attended many questions have been asked of those in the know. What strikes me the most is how well those in the know clearly place the blame on Beacon Hill and just as clear, are those who say that there's nothing that can be done. New revenue sources, taking the ever shrinking meals tax to provide more school funding and an override are two ideas that didn't go over well.

The Town seems to be more concerned with public safety as it was reported that police and fire will be able to fill vacancies and still spend 5 million in overtime.

Families will move here because of schools, location and affordability... not because we have 100 cops and 50 fireman. We must make every reasonable effort to down size police and fire and make our schools more attractive for families to move here. Schools must do everything possible to show the tax payers that they indeed feel our pain and spend our tax dollars as wisely as possible. The centralization of school administration is a good start, but it better save money. School choice... get the numbers done now... if it saves money... do it. Divert the meals tax away from the stabilization fund to the schools? maybe. But if the PEC does not agree or the court does not rule in our favor, we might as well file for bankruptcy and start a new.

Pam Richardson.. gaming the system to the end

For those of us who thought we'd hear the end of former legislator Richardson, just open your e mail. Last month I received an e mail stating that Richardson who is still on the States payroll, is now in the reality business. I'm sure I got the same message as everyone else who had signed up for her newsletter a few years ago. And clearly, it's not un-ethical to use the e mail addresses of voters who signed up to be notified of actions on Beacon Hill. Nor is it un-ethical to use that same web site to advertise your new business.

I can only wonder what type of Realtor she will be. Will she call you back if you call her? Will she respond to questions with inelegance and directly? Will she destroy documents of those she doesn't like? Will she game the system to benefit a select group of people? Can anyone closely tied to Bob DeLeo ever be trusted?

When and if I ever sell, you can bet I wouldn't list with her. Or even allow her in my homes.

ERA Key Realty Services
1881 Worcester Rd. * Framingham, MA 01701
cell: 508-524-0723 Office: 508-879-4474

Parking Regulations... don't give them a reason to ticket you.


The Town of Framingham enforces a year-round ODD/EVEN side parking restriction program. Even years, (2010) parking is allowed on the even side of streets from Jan 1st to Dec 31st. Odd years, (2011) parking is allowed on the odd side from Jan 1st to Dec 31st. Centrally located Signs displaying ODD or EVEN restrictions according to the year exist in 22 locations throughout town, yearly changes are broadcast through the media and with the town’s rapid telephone notification system,

This restriction is enforced on a block by block basis, an exception to this would be (example) if during an even year (2010), a street has several blocks of intersecting streets along its, length, and one block between intersecting streets had pre-existing town signs prohibiting parking year-round on the Even side, residents could legally park on the Odd side only for that effected block regardless of Odd or Even years.

Special Town Meeting 1.12.11

For those of you who care about such things... TM will be asked to vote on

#1 transfer handicap parking fine receipts o the disability commission for projects that benefit the disabled... this is a no brainer.

#2 Replacement of windows and doors at Stapleton School. The total cost is 1,020,000 with a grant paying 588,000 and the Town paying 431,000. A worthy project for sure,but three line item explanations that need more intell. One is that there's a designer costs of 85,000, OPM costs 42,000 (whatever OPM stands for) and a 5% contingency cost of 42,000. Why is this figure so high? Are there that many unknowns in replacing windows and doors in an old building that had this same thing done in 1974?

#3 Approve preliminary design for new McAuliffe library building located near the Nobscot shopping center.

#4 Authorize the BOS to acquire land for new library. The facts as we know them now, the purchase of the land will be bonded over 20 years. A grant will cover 50% of the total land and building expense with dept expenses starting in 2013 and 2014. It is unclear what the already filthy rich land owner AJ Rousseau wants for the land, but it's cheaper than the land at Pinefield.

On the surface it's seems like a no brainer.... but when the Town is talking about laying off 200 employee's, the unions refusing to allow the Town to rein in health care costs, school closings, and the simple fact that no project has come in at or under budget and the millions in unfunded mandates, I'd need a whole lot more convincing to vote in favor of this project at this time.

I'd welcome any and all comments about this.

The warrant is 27 pages long if you want to print it out.