Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just what this Town needs... an accidental shooting by SWAT

The Framingham Police SWAT officer who fatally shot a man while serving a search warrant this morning may have done it accidentally, a family friend said outside the courtroom today.

Dwayne Barrett, of Framingham, described Eurie Stamps as "a very good man, the type of man who'd give you the shirt off his back. This shouldn't have happened."

Stamps, 68, was in his 26 Fountain St. house as police served a drug warrant there at about 12:30 a.m. He was fatally shot by an officer, although Barrett said authorities told him the officer accidentally shot his weapon.

Stamps was taken to MetroWest Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

This police action is not the first by SWAT to go wrong, but it should remind us ALL that we do live in a Town that authorizes SWAT Teams to execute search warrants. I'm reminded of Ruby Ridge when I see these things happen. And before I pass judgment before knowing the facts, it's not a stretch to consider another trigger happy cop killing some innocent by-stander.

All this over a failed drug war.

First Probation, now Parole and one dead peace officer

By now I'm sure you've heard or read, the top dog, O'Brian at the probation department has resigned, and vows to get his job back. This move came a week before he was scheduled to be before the disciplinary board.... the first bright thing the guy has done. As time goes on, those who have defended his code of ethics are now back peddling and trying to figure out how they can distance themselves from a system, they ALL worship, patronage, mis-management and fraud.

And while the probation scandal will be in the news for the next few years perhaps, leave it to another failed department to grant freedom the a convicted murderer, serving life... times 3, who kills a peace officer who never pulled his service revolver, trying to escape from robing a Kohls. And to add insult, the Parole Board never notifying the DA or the locals.

Now that this tragedy has surfaced, finger pointing is abound. But the sheer facts are that there has been in bill at the legislature for 10 years and even modified to include only 3 time convicted violent felons, must serve the last sentence given, without parole. Why would Beacon Hill not pass such a common sense bill? Just look at who's the committee chairman of the judiciary, Rep Flattery, a top criminal defense lawyer. Along with the dozens of other layers, one need not look to far to see why they have refused to allow Melissa Law to come to the floor for a vote. Perhaps now, law enforcement will put pressure on Beacon Hill to pass this bill.

The entire parole board should resign and a through review should happen soon, along with passage of the Melissa Bill.

BOS decides to support

The Library project, to now ones surprise. And to hear CFO Kelly speak about it last night in such glowing terms, one might think it was a done deal. The number I heard her say was it will cost each tax payer in Town 249.00 over 20 years. Business would pay 279.00 or so over 20 years. What they didn't say is that the property takes in around 10,000 a year in taxes and in 20 years, 200,000 less in revenue for the town. Selectman Chaaba Smith who is heading the private fund raising efforts claims it will not effect the schools whats so ever and has raised 17,000 already. Herb Chasen should have called on the big man to fund raise for the schools.

So we now have the other committee's to weigh in and as of last night, the property owner dropped the price by 40k I think I heard. Mighty generous.... we should offer to name the Library after him if he donates the land.

It makes sense to add a library to any Town, at most any time, but now might not be then. My biggest concerns are, what if the State doesn't pay it's promised share.. after all, we are down 1.5 billion in revenue already for next this year. Is the building "green enough", where are the solar panels? Does McCauliff really see 500 to 600 people a day? I've stood on that corner many hours over the years and have never seen that many patrons. The Library Board claims the old library needs 450,000 in repairs.... does that include detail cops?

The BOS decided to revisit the window and doors replacement project at Brophy. The SBoard has not yet decided if it's a project deserving their support as of today. There also seems to be ground noise about how the long the building will be a school. The grant, as Mr. Sisitky pointed out, makes certain the school has to be a school open for 10 years... and if not, we'd pay big time for violating the grant guidelines. There's plenty of talk about buildings, who's in them, why and at what capacity. The windows may not make it to TM if the SB has better uses of capital monies.

And of coarse, all of these decisions are down to the last minute... hours before TM will start.