Sunday, January 9, 2011

Driving home the patronage scandal.....

The Globe once again helps all of us understand how far this patronage cancer has effected the outcome of people's lives.

Joan Vennochi in the lead editorial shows how Chairman of the Parole Board, Mark Conrad, got to where he is now. Turns out he was one of Devals campaign drivers, after being a Milton officer for 20 years. In 2007, Deval named him to the Parole Board and in 2008 Deval named him Chairman.

Opposed by just one Governor Council's Committee memebr in 2007, "the politically connected chauffeurs are just one more slice of the patronage subculture".

The Parole Board did vote unanimously for Cinelli's release. And I honestly hope that we don't learn in the coming weeks, that patronage or favors got Cinelli out, hopefully it was incompetency and poor leadership.

The State probe into the Parole Board happening now will only be as good as the people doing the investigation. One could only surmise from the last two years of promised reforms that turned out to be no more than lip service, when all said and done, Beacon Hill will have to decide who gets life without any chance of parole. Will it be just for murders who have taken many lives or just one. I can't imagine how long that debate will last.

And if you didn't get to see Speaker DeLeo on TV today, still defending the "recommending someone policy" you have missed the poster child for what's ethically wrong in this State, laughing it up when asked about the three x speakers being recognized and honored on the first day of House business.

Perhaps after the multiple investigations lead them to DeLeo, that smirk will be wiped from his face.