Sunday, February 12, 2017

Modern Day Slavery.. "I am Jane Doe" the film

 While we pay tribute to Black History Month and the struggles to end slavery of Blacks in this country. An equally hideous and open slavery still exists in America.. the buying and selling of young women into the sex trade. We were fortunate to see a documentary about this subject on Friday night. The producer shows the legal struggles to shut down a web site called back They interview the parents of children and the children themselves who have been forced into prostitution and who have been returned home. These traumatized children, some as young as 12, who have been raped thousands of times at the hands of their pimps. Much of this illegal behavior is perpetrated by the greed of business through the internet. The film highlights the legal battles being waged in our highest courts, to no avail. The owners of back page, who started out as a voice of investigative freedom have been praised for their work in the past. But as time went on, they grew to depend on the hundreds of millions of dollars of ad revenue, much of which is the selling of sex with minors. It's one thing to run an ad for an escort service for adults but a entirely different story when minors are being bought and sold to multiple pimps.

This film should be shared with parents and school age children alike as the film shows, seemingly normal good kids from good families have been affected by the legal slave trading.

Have a look at the trailer