Thursday, February 23, 2017

Trump and the potential MJ crackdown

The news that most of you predicted is coming true. AG Sessions has made a comment about enforcing federal drug laws regarding recreational MJ. Trump seems to be OK with medical though (patients can rest easy for now) but that one comment could cause a billion dollar industry from taking hold here in Mass. Especially since Baker has come out against and Senator Lewis and others with 80 bills submitted to stop the implementation completely.  There won't be millions of protesters in the streets of our large cities over this, but it will take just a few dedicated agitators to stop Trump and his band of prohibitionists. We've come to far as a country to turn back the clocks now on harm reduction drug policy. Hang on to your plants, darker days may be coming soon.

Framingham fires an officer

I have blogged about this case in the past month or so. After an 8 hour discipline hearing, the Town took action. What is important I think at this point is the fact that a federal jury will hear about the going's on at FPD. This may be the watershed moment for FPD, as it appears the code of silence will be broken open by the courts. Clearly there's way more going on behind the scenes that we know nothing about. I can only guess what will come out and who among the officers left will be involved.