Monday, February 5, 2018

Happening tonight.. The Mayor gives State of the City address, Tax Abatments at McAuliffe Libray

Tune in to here the Mayor's first public speech on the status of our City. It will be televised live on your Gov Access channel, Comcast 99,Verizon 42 and RCN 13, HD 613 and re-broadcast on the City's web site.

At the McAuliffe Libray at 7PM, tax abatement rules. Speakers from H&R Block with discuss the senior circuit breaker tax credit.  Will Nassar will discuss what the City offers in tax abatement for seniors, veterans, the disabled and anyone over 65 and Randy Aylsworth from the Callahan Center to discuss the senior tax work off program.

Warning: IRS fake call

Last week I had a message from what the recording said was the IRS. The vioce said there was an arrest warrant out for me miss -filing my taxes. The number they gave was 509.600.0938.
Please don't be fooled by this phishing expatiation. It's a scam to take your money under the guise of the IRS.