Wednesday, February 7, 2018

2.6.18 Council Meeting

The sound in the room was very bad. This condition is a cary-over from Town Meeting that has persited for over 10 years. On replay, one can hear the new mics drop out while people are speaking. I have e mailed the Mayor, Ron Rego (Gov TV) and Dennis G asking her to fix the problem before the next meeting.
The pot issue came up and I was so saddened to hear some of the comments from the Council. A few of them haven't a clue and have been influenced by lies, mis-information and propaganda. Richardson wants a moratorium for more time to do what?, Judy Grove is afraid of mold and house fires... what next?
I made 11 copies of the current draft of the rules and regs (cannabis commission) for the cannabis business and gave them to the council, which they had never seen... reminds me of Town Meeting.
The lawyer who researched the paths going forward left out many crucil items in her presntation. And this war will continue to the 20th.

On another note, there were three x candidates for council sitting close to my location. They talked almost the entire time, along with texting. Another reminder of Town Meeting where people just did not listen.