Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Flutie Pass.. another 175 apartments

Don't blink.. or you will miss the grand opening of another apartment complex. DDR Corp out of Ohio is now scrapping the idea of a bowling ally and sky diving amusement center for a 225 space parking garage on the Natick side of the property. The new version of the property has 7K of retail space and 8K in restaurant space. What about traffic you ask? Feb 22 the principals will discuss this with the Planning Board. The land is zoned for light manufacturing. Growing apartments I guess qualifies as light manufacturing. Can you imagine how many cars are going to clog Rte 30 when this is done. Getting on and off the Pike will again be slowed further at peek commuter times.

The Mayor's ride

The controversy around the purchase of the Mayor's decision to purchase a 43k sport utility vehicle has dominated the news this week. Some say she could have taken the Town Mangers police vehicle, some say it should have reflected the environmental concerns of the City and bought a Prius. Some question the money used to purchase her vehicle taken from the Facilities budget was not right.
As the Mayor has stated, it's within the State Law that she can decide how she gets around the city.
I agree. But the optics of this purchase is what's at question. The costs of a new city government will rise as time goes on, something we were promised that would not happen.
I do agree with those who say, the request for the purchase should have gone out to bid.