Saturday, February 24, 2018

From the Globe: 2 More State Cops retire suddenly

 I hope our readers would remember the "daughter of a Judge" getting pulled over on the highway and offering sex to not give the daughter a ticket or an arrest. This story exemplifies what's wrong with our justice system and the State Police.
The two cops on scene were instructed by their command staff told to redact most of what they wrote when the "daughter of the Judge" got busted.  The 2 cops are suing the State for being pressured to falsify documents. Their Boss and his second in command retired last week in a none ceremonious way.

Now we learn, 2 more high ranking cops retired today over hiring a known drug dealer, a girlfriend of another State cop.. and the sage continues.

Please have a read of this.. The conspiracy by those in power to squash an arrest of the "Judge's daughter" drunken/drugged driving stop is in plain sight now.