Monday, February 26, 2018

Framingham Fire Department by the numbers

For those of you who have followed TM over the past 5 years, you might remember my questioning of the sick time taken that results in overtime. I asked for the numbers directly to FFD and it wasn't until I filed a freedom of information act request did I get the answers. The good news is that 42 FF's took advantage of the  the no sick time used stipend, this is up from last year at 37. There are 149 total FFD employees. The budget for last year for overtime was 1.2 million dollars. You may ask why the OT is consistently high, the answer is sick time. Last year, 107 employee's took 796 days of sick time. The previous year they took 700 days sick. Other categories that contribute to overtime are: Administrative leave (what ever that is) 30 days, Comp time 174 days, death is the family 33 days, family sick days 65, injured on duty 333 days, jury duty 2, military leave 79 days, personal days 110 and vacation days at 1169.

The reasons for a million dollar plus overtime every year are many. Some without question, some very questionable. I'll leave it up to the budget process now in the hands of the City Council to examine why there is so little progress in reducing sick time and overtime.

As a comparison, in 2016 FFD posted the answers to my questions at TM while I was on Ways and Means.
Administrative leave 76 days
Comp time 112 days
Death in Family 28 days
Injured on duty 154 days
Jury duty 3 days
Military leave 158 days
sick days 700
with 37 FF's taking the stipend for perfect attendance.