Friday, December 31, 2021

Baker administraion gives out 4 million in grants for police body cams

But Framingham was not on the list. A great missed opportunity imo.  Many months ago I asked Mayor Spicer's office if we had applied for the grant funding. To no avail. Charlie has indicated in our candidate forum for Mayor that he is in favor of body cameras. Lets hope he stands by that and applies for the funding. After all, FPD needs to be more transparent in dealing with the public. And now with the formation of the Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission, cops who kill innocent people will be held accountable.

More than $4 million in state grants have been awarded to 64 municipalities across Massachusetts to help local police departments start or expand the use of body cameras.

These grants are the first in a five-year, $20 million capital grant program which is expected to deploy about 9,000 body-worn cameras across the state's cities and towns.


Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Who's up as Chair and who wants to be

 Before the D3 election, on Jan 1, the new council will elect it's Chair and other leaders of the other committee's like the all important Finance Sub Committee. Steiner could be a deciding factor in who's leading the council even if he looses. So the obvious person lurking in the shadows is John.  But does he have the support of the newbies and do they understand what voting for him may end up happening? For example, if Charlie (at 76) can't maintain his office, then the council chair gets the nod. And then there's Phil who may have his sights on the top spot, but I don't think he could buy enough votes. George may have had enough of the least 4 years to call it a day and chase ambulances for Morgan and Morgan. But since he's worked for and with Charlie before, it may help Framingham in general if King stayed on as Chair and prevent John from taking over the City. Keezer will be gone along with our black Mayor and Tusino will be Charlie's mouth piece. Mike has worked with King before. And they seem to get along  nicely. Adam would make a decent chair but he has Cannon to rally against him. 

any bets?

Monday, December 27, 2021

Sobering comments from superintendent Bob Tremblay

 In the last SC meeting on the 15th, Bob Tremblay presented the committee the covid vaccination rates. All staff is at 86%, HS kids are at 67% and the middle schooler's are between 40 and 60 %. After all this time, those numbers are so bad. 

Other parts of his report include, schools will not be allowed to close because of covid, Framingham Schools are hiring people who have left their jobs because of vaccine mandates from their previous employer and even with the vaccine clinics held by the schools, participation is very low.

So lets see if Charlie will mandate vaccines like he said he was in favor of for all Framingham employee's and make wearing of masks mandatory for all public places.

We will never be free from this horrible pandemic until vaccines are mandated for everyone, young and old. It's time to take a hard line on those who ignore the seriousness of the problem.

Start 29:43 to 45:48