Sunday, November 1, 2009

MassDOT, Wind Turbines and a Third Party

A Wall Street Journal/NBC Poll last week announced that trust in Government is at a 12 year low and that half of all Americans now support a third party. That's lots of average people who have seen enough of what the two party system has had to offer.

A Chinese company has a deal to supply turbines to the largest wind farm's in the US. The 36,000 acre spot will house 240, 2.5 mega watt units. Backed by 1.5 billion in financing from Bank of China, if all goes well, by 2011 all these units will be making electricity. Federal stimulus funds in tax credits will help this project along and while only 15% of the jobs created will be for Americans, this project should be a sign of things to come.... I just wish Amercian companies had won the contract.

Long overdue, Deval has made good on his promise to effectively end Mass Turnpike, MassHighway, The MBTA and the registry. And while we all supported this move for decides, as of Nov 1, no revealing plans have shown up. No big costs saving measures and while we may have though, one group could real in the expense side of these crony lead corrupt institutions, the new board is not unlike the old board. Deval has appointed three left overs from the original gang, all with strong ties to past mismanagement. The new chairmen of the board, John Jenkins lives in Natick, a plus for those of us west of the city, but with 4000 union employee's and another 6000 union employees at the MBTA, one has to wonder, if Deval should not have placed the same old, worn out, people who have furthered the cause of secrecy, political patronage and the lack of accountability to run an institution that needs more than an overhaul, it needs a new direction. Their new web site is