Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How many more?

If anyone is following that incredibly ugly situation unfold in Detroit... they have now found 11 bodies. Along with that sex offender from California who kept that girl for 18 years, society must reconsider how we deal with convicted sex offenders who complete their sentence and get back on the streets.

In the Detroit case, this animal had sought all the help he could and days after getting out he rapes another women. In both cases, police and probation officials were involved with appearances at both locations. The neighbors in Detroit had smelled a horrible odor from the property for a long time and as we know now, a probation officer was just their and did not go inside and left with no concerns.

The two recent cases in Boston at MGH, for me bring that problem to my home. Many people I know go to the General, work their and if it's not safe at MGH, it's not safe anywhere.

G Leone, Middlesex DA, has submitted a bill to allow juries to decide here in Mass, if a person is deemed a high risk sex offender, instead of the Judges, by a majority, they can have that person incarcerated. It's clear, something is wrong with the process and needs to be corrected immediately and I agree with Mr. Leone.

I would furlough first time drug offenders, put them one probation and use that expense for sex offenders. We must protect our kids, wives and mothers from the type of ugliness that seems to be increasing.

Law enforcement must put sex offenders and their whereabouts, at the highest priority and the Legislature should adopt mandatory sentences for level 3 sex offenders. Seeing the shrink and popping pills is not cutting it any more.

Two D's loose to two R's

In the big picture.. perhaps what is in store for us... The R's who are faceless are beating the chest in victory with two Gov's in NJ and Virginia. All the talking heads are lambasting Obama for the defeat.

I think the independents came out for a change at the state level and minorities stayed home, but don't believe this is some reflection of how good or bad Obama is.

At our level, if it came down to change or the same... would we pick to change? I think we better.