Saturday, November 14, 2009

Medicare Fraud, Immigration reform, Pelosi and Coakley

Readers of this blog have noticed recent piece on Medicare fraud and how much Obama is counting on curbing these abuses to pay for health care reform. And as luck would have it, in the globe, signs of this problem being ignored as far back as 2006 is coming to light. In essence the piece is summed up by, " the crooks are always one step ahead of the bureaucrats trying to keep up after them". Entire criminal syndicates, thieves and scammers have contributed to our failing health care system.

Deavl wants to cut 117 Million from Medicaid. The area's in which are being floated are: adults would no longer get dentures or other oral care, but would get cleanings, x rays and emergency services. Would stop the payment for patients requiring home care workers who need in home care under 15 hours a week. Co payments will double, 1 dollar more for generic medications, co payments for brands named drugs would be 3 to 5 dollars for people making over 15k a year. They also want mental patients to get prior approval for bran named psychiatric drugs from Mass Health. Lastly, the cuts would also stop funding nursing home pre screening.

I wonder how much fraud there is in Mass and wonder even more, why that is not identified as a cost saving measure instead of just cutting into these well needed programs. Look for plenty of heated hearings on this proposal next week on the Hill.

I would like to see a reward system for anyone who drops a dime on medical fraud. Say, 1% of the total amount of fraud found, meaning if someone turned in a person who collected funds from Medicare who was not entitled, get's 1% of that total amount. If someone turned in a company who gamed the system for hundreds of thousands or even millions, the reward would be substantial, and the savings to the government would be 99%. Increase the fines and evoke civil forfeiture for those companies who scam the government.

Obama wants immigration overhaul, as we all do. This will be like health care with many lining up on the side lines, big business will fight against it with their money, unions will be all for it and once again, it will boil down to two parties who have no sense of working together for the common good. While his plan will most certainly make those who wish to not allow anyone here that's not white, blond and blue eyed, it does make significant changes. Under his plan, illegal immigrants who want legs status would have to register, pay fines and all taxes owed, pass criminal back round checks and learn English. Seems like a good place to start and I would hope it would help stop the hatred that some have towards those who would like to come here and be productive members of our society. Let's see if the twins pick up on this and perhaps, tone down the rhetoric.

In a stunner, Pelosi backs Capuano. I would have never guessed that and must wonder what Coakley has to think about such a move. This is going to further the split between the Dems. Capuano is the ultimate in what makes the senate so bad... and can be count on to vote lock step with it's leaders. Coakley has already admitted to leaving off of her financials 1/2 a million in assets and is now challenging Capuano's stand on the question of whether fed money will go towards abortion in the public option. Flip flopping is the charge.... no way. Like Pagluia and Kazei are not flip flopping over the same issue. If it's an insider dems want, Capuano is the man, if it's the ultra rich who have made millions in outsourcing Amercian jobs, than Pagluia is the man, if it's gender, then Coakley if the women for the job and if it's the lone ranger, battling the evils of lobbyists and special interests, than Kazei is the man. Those of you who vote in that party, do some soul searching before voting in the primary, as I can't see any of the Republicans do much in the way to make positive changes in the future and whom ever comes out of the dem primary will most likely be sent to Washington. Sad but true.