Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mass Illegal Imigrants, Sex Offenders and Senator Galluccio

So now we learn that a state sponsored report calls for illegal immigrants to apply for college financial aid, in state tuition and drivers licenses. The report dubbed, The New American Agenda, is brought to you by an immigrant advocacy group, an executive branch advisory council and a state agency. Among the 131 recommendations, take care of the backlog of English classes for 16K students, public funding and tax breaks for those here illegally to gain legal status, using stimulus money for immigrant entrepreneurs, discouraging police department from joining immigration agreement. Some of the proposals can be enacted by Deval while others must pass the legislature. Rep Fernandes from Milford has come out against the license proposals by saying it would validate a failed immigration policy and attract more arrivals whose communities won't be able to assimilate, adding the burden on schools, cops and the courts.

I couldn't agree more and wonder how Deval and reps like Richardson and Sannicandro will win voter support for such a plan that pisses off most residents in Massachusetts.

The Mass Housing and Shelter Alliance has the legislature to ban sex offenders from homeless shelters. The Globe did a review of the 162 level 3 sex offenders, who list their address in Boston on the states on line registry, found that 74% were listed as living at a homeless shelter. While I do agree that the states shelters are over burdened and maxed out, it won't be to long before we hear of an attack from one who has already been convicted in any one of the various churches or places that take in kids, women and families. I do also agree with those who say, taking away the shelters from those sex offenders most likely will lead to more trouble, for they will become even more desperate to find some shelter.

The legislature has taken to long to deal with this menace in society and has put the commonwealth in more danger by not dealing with the bigger picture of how to effectively deal with convicted level 3 sex offenders who prey on our kids, mothers, women and the elderly.

We learn that the senator from Cambridge who was involved with the hit and run accident in Cambridge last month, was given a ride home by the Cambridge police 13 hours before the hit and run accident, for which he has not admitted to drunk driving, only to say, he was panicked when he left the scene. The Globe's lead editorial ask the repeat offender to either check into treatment or resign.

I couldn't agree more and while the elections are next year, the continual, non stop flagrant violations of trust and illegal activity, by the ruling eleite, will make the case to replace most of them with law abiding, honest people who don't need a ride from the local police department to get home.