Thursday, November 19, 2009

What if in Afghanistan..

From the New York Times, one troop, posted for one year, costs the tax payer 1 MILLION. There are 68,000 troops there now, brass is looking for an additional 40,000, doing the math, that's 108 BILLION dollars. There are an estimated fewer than 100 Al Qaeda, (those responsible for 9.11) fighters in Afghanistan, with others being in Samolia, Pakasatn, Yeman and dozens of other countries. And it was the mission to find those responsible for the attacks, bring them to justice and go home.

We are propping up another war lord type dictator, posing as someone who embraces democracy, in an entirely corrupt government. The natives hate us and think we should go home, farmers hate us, because we are destroying some poppy fields and over 5 thousand Americans have died so far.

What if... paid all the poppy farmers and pot growers the same price per pound they get now... which is short money. We bring home the raw product, provide enough medicine for every opiate addict in the country, put drug dealers out of business, almost immediately, which would reduce gang violence, murder rate and incarceration rates. The farmers would love us, Al Qaeda would have to get their drugs from another country, the working people could take control of the corruption and we could go about completing our mission... if it is indeed, to get Binladen and go home. Their President Brazeer, said today, his country would be corruption free and able to stand on their own in 4 years. How many more Americans will be lost in our attempt at country rebuilding? Just one more is way to many.

Call me crazy, but it would be cheaper to pay the farmers, rather than to occupy their country.

How many more Americans will be lost in our attempt at country rebuilding? Just one more is way to many.

Lots of money for campaigns here in Mass, encouraging news on unemployment

I wonder how many of the unemployed gave to these candidates?

Capuano raised 343,000, AG Coakley raised another 800,000, Pagliuca 350,000, Khazei did not have the figures, Brown 169,000, Brown did not respond to the Globe request.

The tiny little Mass company who got 6 million in funding from the latest appropriations bill hired a former chief of staff to Marty Meehan as their lobbyist. This tiny comapny who employees 25 people, with no product and no orders from the Navy, is "creating or saving jobs" according to Congresswomen Niki Tsongas's.

The top ten defense contarctors in 2008 gave an average of 2.7 Million each to federal canidates. In return for their invetsmanet, contractors received 88 million in tax payer funded ear marks. The largest single earmark in 2008 was for 588 million dollars for production of naval submarines which was rejected by the Navy itself.

120 House and Senate members have co signed a bill, The Fair Elections Now Act, which would replace wealth dodnors with small broad based donations and matching funds. Candidates would be required to collect 1,500 checks of 100.00 or less.

I'd love to see this happen in my lifetime.

I hear we are down to 8.7 percent, from 9.8.... unemployed here in Mass. Good to know we are crawling back, but still is bad news for to many.

Done for the year, Deval is left holding the bag... once again

Deval could not convince the House to stay open long enough to get something going on with education and criminal justice. They left, under their rules, which COULD have been changed as they have been in the past, not giving Deval what he's asked for in budget cuts. He wanted emergency power to cut wherever he had to, to make the budget balanced. On the table are cuts in probation, eliminating the Quinn Bill all together, and the BIG ONE, a nice chunk (18 MILLION)out of the Legislature slush fund.

Now I get it... it's their money now... not ours

At a local level, this will impact us, but for the highly paid elected eleite, by not dealing with the budget shortfall, it means Deval will have to shave off 225 million where he is allowed to, which may biol down to health and human service. Other things left up in the air, charter school grant money, 250 million up for grabs, camera's at major intersections, etc. DeLeo and Murray said in a letter to Deval, they would cut the COMBINED salary of House, by 5.5 MILLION.

I can see the marches on the State House now.... and the kicker will be that some of the reps and senators will be there to, claiming how Deval should not cut the funding.

What absolute slugs they are, in this time of uncertainty. The two elected ruling elitists controlling our House only seem to be concerned with making Deval, irrelevant. How does it feel? asked Dylan, like a complete unknown, the crowd hollers back.