Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tonight at the Board of Health Meeting

Eastleigh Farm, Doug Stephan wants to sell raw milk at his farm. More than 20 states outlaw the sale of raw milk. While Massachusetts allows raw milk to be sold at farms under regulations that are tougher than pasteurized milk standards, some communities, like Acton, choose to ban the product outright.

While raw milk advocates say it can help everything from asthma to arthritis to tuberculosis, "the other school says raw milk has the potential to spread some very nasty diseases, and that it would be very difficult to screen those diseases," said Framingham Board of Health Chairman Mike Hugo.

Hugo says he is going into Tuesday's meeting, "with a completely open mind."

The Board of Health could do nothing and let the state regulations apply, implement town specific regulations or ban the sale of raw milk outright.

As a child, the only milk we had was that of the dairy up the street from us and I drank raw milk till I was 10 or 11. My farther of coarse opened the bottles first, for his coffee creamer and as far as I rember, none of us kids, were ever sickened by the milk.

Lets see if Mr Huge O and company rely on scientific fact and not personal mis informed biases to determine the outcome for Mr. Stephan.

Food for thought and as a cure

I just dropped off a carriage load of food supplies Steph and I bought at BJ's over the weekend to the Salvation Army. I've not seen the shelves so bare in the 17 years I've donated food there. The line for requests was out the door. It pisses me off to no end to see this.. year after year. If I were the President of this great land, I would declare war on hunger and go to any lengths to see it was eradicated. The Salvation Army would be equipped with all the necessary troops, supplies and support they would need to win that war, as it is still the only world wide organization the spends almost all of it's donated funds to solving this problem of hunger.

And while for some, any food is better than none at all, in the WSJ today, a full length article explains what many have said for years about our diets and the ability of ones body to fight off disease. The Flue Fighters in our diet are, whole foods rich in vitamin A, spinach, carrots, pumpkin and other yellow fruits and veggies. Zinc found in oysters, king crab, nuts and whole grains.Vitamin C, found in red peppers, broccoli, oranges and other citrus fruits. Vitamin B-6 found in potatoes, bananas and garbanzo beans. Diets with high saturated fats appear the actually depress the bodies immune system. The article goes on the say that supplements do little if anything as the body cannot absorb the nutrients as well as in whole foods. The scientific debate continues and has had it's own contradictory advise and has been changing from year to year which leads to more confusion. The bottom line cure to many of our health problems is more about common sense eating and family dinners, much like we did as kids, before McDonalds, Burger King and Papa Ginos were on every corner. It's all about what we put into our bodies.

Baker picks Sen Tisei, Mihos and Cahill still looking

So for all our R's who read this, as you know, GOP C Baker has picked Senator Tisei as his running mate for next year. One of the 5 R's at the State house now in the senate who has consistently tried to rein in the fiscal irresponsibility of the ruling D's. Another insider, the now openly gay senator voted against same sex marriage years ago and will not likely be supported by the gay and lesbian community... they're stuck on Deval.

One might have thought a women would have been selected, as I think Rep Polito or Rep Callahan has it over most male R's and if Miho's and Cahill have any sense at all, they will look to find a well respected outsider to fill the post of Lt Governor. It's a foregone conclusion that the R's will loose in numbers next year and what we need most is more neutrality, independence and non party partisanship to create a balanced legislature.