Friday, July 2, 2010

Tonights Concert on the Green

For those of you who have nothing to do tonight with the kids. Come down to hear some music and stop by our tent and see our clown entertain the little ones. She will be making balloon animals, a hit among all kids of every age. Look for the red tent with Jim Pillsbury signs all over it.

Steph and I wish you all a safe and relaxing holiday.

Brown stops the unemployed from seeing the green

Our newest Senator has thrown his R weight around and voted against the unemployment extension and finance reform. According to the Globe, Senator Browns Boston office has been a hot bed of protest activity and I see no reason for this to stop. He, like his counterparts have left Washington leaving hundreds of thousands of Mass residents without a paycheck for the last month... AND, voted against a finance reform package that would have taxed banks a small portion of their income.

The only hope for the unemployment extension is that around July 16th the Senate will once again take a vote, after the replacement is picked for the recently deceased Senator Byrd, bringing back the majority to the D side.

Hang in there and hope that the Senate feels our pain.

Drinking alcohol on Sunday just got easier

For those of you who can't wait till noon for a drink at your local eatery, good news. A new law goes into effect this weekend. You will be able to order a drink at 10AM.

This move is intended to help the restaurant business and proponents claims millions in tax revenue from just two hours of drinking on Sunday.

I doubt very much, the two extra hours will mean that much more in revenue for the State. Extra hours of drinking will not serve our communities and just give more excuses for drinking and driving.