Thursday, July 8, 2010

How precious our drinking water is

More and more Towns are enacting water bans. Many have their own wells and are now going to crack down on those who violate water bans. Rarely seen years ago, water bans are now full time in some communities and rightfully so.

Some interesting numbers come from the Globe and the MWRA. This past spring with heavy rains and flooding, gave rise to the water supply being at 96%. Just a few years ago, it was much lower. According to the MWRA, this past Sunday, water consumption was at 256 gallons and on Sunday, it was 307 million gallons of water used. Average water use for this time period is around 250 million gallons.

I will not be surprised to see water bans from the MWRA to all customers throughout the greater Boston area who are served by the Quabin. As we know first hand, from the rupture of the Weston pipe, water is so precious and even a temporary stoppage can cause serious problems for all of us.

Conserve where you can.

The SJC rules Wind Farm in Western Mass can proceed

According to the Globe, the SJC has ruled that a state issued permit, of six years ago, to the developers of a Western Mass Wind Farm can be built. This 30-megawatt wind farm will be located in Florida and Monroe Mass and will power 10,000 homes. They hope to be completed by next year.

This decision by the SJC will have an impact on everyone in our state, including Framingham. The Legislature is considering a bill to stream line the permit process and will overrule petty lawsuits brought by those who stand in the way of wind energy.

Look for this to make the supposed Wind Turbine By-Law here in Framingham easier for home owners to have a small wind turbine on their property.

In another Mass town around Wareham, a private developer is making plans to build some land based utility grade wind turbines among the cranberry bogs.... with no opposition whats so ever.

There is hope wind energy in Mass and after 75 days of oil spilling into the Gulf, effecting 5 states and the life's work of thousands of people and dozens of industries, I say, put a 1000 turbines off our coast.