Monday, July 12, 2010

How about those Cops, protesting Deval

In a show of bully force, cops from all over the State lined up and protested Deval's policy about details. Their main beef, details at constriction sites. And if that didn't get your attention Deval, the cops rolled out their families in strollers, claiming their lives would be ruined if Deval takes away detail pay for cops at work sites.

Any wonder why most working class people resent cops at work sites?

And this protest, which numbered a few thousand, just made it worse.

The masses didn't show up against Arizona Immigration Law

Over this past weekend, we were told of thousands of protesters ready to invade Boston, in protest of the Arizona Immigration law due to start shortly out there. The main fear is racial profiling.

A few hundred people, mostly bused in showed me how little support they had amongst the Mass natives.

The Justice department is suing Arizona over the constitutionality of the law in hopes of delaying it's inception. This has proved to be unpopular with Americans and in a recent poll, 71% support Arizona's write to deal with the illegal immigration problem.

All this because Congress has refused to do anything about illegal immigration for so many years now. And now that one State is trying to determine it's own fate, Uncle wants to clamp down on them.

Look for this to be an hot topic later this campaign season as voters will be asking which side of the problem we are on. I say, good for Arizona for leading the charge. If the Feds can't or won't do anything, the States must. It's way out of hand.