Friday, September 3, 2010

5th graders as class monitors? bussing and level funding

From what I'm told, some 5th graders are being asked... or conned into being lunch room monitors for kindergartners at lunch time. The reason...budget cut backs I was told. Let's hope that there's no medical emergency, child choking or food allergy reaction for a 5th grader to help on, because I feel very sure, they would not know what to do.

From the front lines of the school yards, I'm told, kids are forced to walk in the streets because there are no places to park and drop your kids, parents are forced to park on the edge of the road, no sidewalks to walk on anyway, parents are parking a half a mile away to walk there kids to school and as I was told at a recent meeting, kids who are told to walk on the aqueduct are safe from arrest as the no trespassing signs up for years and years, were only meant for cars.... I'm sure some of you have driven on the aqueduct before. Not that many years ago, a local cop told me I can't walk on the aqueduct.

There's a group in Town, headed by Herb Chasen... Fram Save or Schools... the mission statement is a noble one, inform residents of the positive impact schools have on property vales and ask local officials to level fund future school budgets, find sources of addition revenue and cost savings. No one can argue the benefit of great schools and their effect on a Town or City. There is a on line petition one can sign and a few of us are collecting signatures for a hard copy or ask your local PTO person.

The Wilkerson fall out... think money in bra, the sag in confidence continues

For our usual readers of this post, in 2008 when Senator Wilkerson was filmed stuffing a wad of green backs in her shirt, I wrote than that when the trial begins, more revelations will come out on a host of usual suspects.

From the Globe: A top executive of the developer behind the failed $800 million Columbus Center project in Boston was charged yesterday in federal court with illegally funneling $12,000 in campaign contributions to four Massachusetts congressmen.

Federal prosecutors said that Martin Raffol, 54, executive vice president of the residential arm of WinnCompanies, engaged in a scheme to conceal money the company donated in an attempt to win support from congressmen in a position to help its projects.

Raffol is accused of persuading WinnCompanies contractors to give donations to the congressmen and then secretly reimbursing those firms, which hid the true source of the money. Federal law prohibits companies from directly donating to political candidates. Raffol was also charged with witness tampering in allegedly telling one WinnCompanies vendor to lie to authorities if questioned.

Prosecutors did not charge WinnCompanies or any of its other executives. Prosecutors also said there was no evidence the congressmen knew of Raffol’s reimbursement scheme.

In addition to the $12,000 to the four congressman — Representatives Barney Frank of Newton, Stephen F. Lynch of South Boston, Michael E. Capuano of Somerville, and William D. Delahunt of Quincy — prosecutors said Raffol illegally directed more than $30,000 in contributions to candidates running for state and local offices in Massachusetts.

The charges against Raffol are related only to the contributions to federal officeholders.

The kicker in all this is.. .who are the Massachusetts elected officails who took the illegal money and why aren't we hearing about them?

Federal officials declined to identify the state and local politicians who received $30,000 in illegal contributions, but said it included candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, the Legislature, district attorney, mayor of Boston, and Boston City Council.

SJC... Cape Wind can blow onto the Cape

From the Globe: In a divided decision, the States highest court ruled that Cape Wind can start this year by building this countries and States first wind farm. One more review by the Department of Public Utilities over the contract and just watch and see how many tradesman will be hired and the economic benefit that project will have for the Cape and Islands.

Tax evaders.... running for elected office

Lt Governor Tim Murray, Sate Auditor candidate Guy Glodis and Governor candidate Tim Cahill have not paid required taxes on investment income earned on their campaign accounts. In response to the Globes inquiries, Cahill was good for 15,000.00, Glodis 2,568.00 and in Murray's case, he was delinquent in 2007 and 2008 and is trying to figure out how much he owes.

I wonder how many of our readers could skip paying taxes at all, or for a few years. The huge campaign war chests these party loyalists build over the years, reap big profit and in turn, is mostly taxed when used.

I wonder, if the Globe didn't pick up on this, would the evaders have to pay at all?