Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chris and Pam... and the quiz

For those who care about such things, Rep Richardson and Chris Walsh answered partisan questions in front of a mostly partisan crowd last night at the library. To no one's surprise, every question asked was a great question, according to Pam and she did hold the party line in her answers. Chris did his best to respond and he does have differences and would make a good rep for this Town. A few in the crowd did shake their heads, to say no, to a few of Pam's answers and when she said Beacon Hill is a democracy, I almost threw up... it may be to her.. but it's democracy from the top down and not they way the founding fathers had intended. One 60 minute quiz is all the voters will get to see who they elect next Tuesday.

I asked Richardson in person last week to come on the show, this Monday night, with Chris. She said she'd get back to me. I have sent her 3 e mails since, all unopened. I decided today, it's fruitless to get her in front of a live audience.

When you hear her say, she does her job well and represents us all, keep this in mind. A bill that I authored and submitted to her last year, under the constitutional right of a citizens petition, I recently found out that she did NOT do her job in getting this bill to the committee, thus, no bill number was assigned... virtually killing it until next year. To Senator Spilka's credit, she did her job and introduced to bill on the senate floor and it was referred to the agriculture and economic development committee. And in a strange turn of events, I found out that Rep Sannacandro signed on to a bill (the very same time I had given the bill to Richardson) that would help kill my bill. He too has not even opened my e mail.